Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Forever Living - Shampoo & Conditioner Review

So yesterday I tried Forever Living Shampoo & Conditioner & I have to say they are pretty good!! :)

I struggle with hair & skincare products as I have eczema and my scalp just reacts to most things! So I had to try the aloe Vera based products! & when i received these samples I was so happy & excited to try them!!

In the sample I only had enough to shampoo once, it was a bit concerned to start off with as it made my hair feel quiet stiff and not very nice, but when I put the conditioner on and left it for 2-3 minutes (like it says in the packaging) I could feel as difference! So make sure you use both products together or you won't probably get as good of a result! 

Once Id rinsed the conditioner off and blow dried my hair I couldn't stop touching it! It's made my hair so soft and looks really healthy! My ends can be really dry and horrible & they are now really soft after just one usage. 

I will definitely be buying full size versions of this shampoo & conditioner :)

Monday, 16 March 2015

Benefit Makeup Full Look

I've decided to do a Benefit makeup week!! Benefit cosmetics is my all time favourite makeup brand! I have nearly all of their products because well I love them <3 & I think I should share that will you all! 

So to start off with I thought I'd share with you my full makeup look using only Benefit makeup products!

Face - 
• Girl meets pearl (Primer) 
• Hello flawless oxygen wow - Honey (Foundation) 
• Bo-ing 02 (Concealer) 

Brows - 
• Brow zings (Medium)
• Gimmie brow (Medium/dark) 
• High brow

Eyes - 
•  Stay don't stray
• Ooo la lift 
• Skinny jeans
• Blingo
• They're real mascara

Cheeks -
• Lolli tint
• Hervana 
• Hoola bronzer
• High beam

• Lolli tint
• Lolli balm

These products are my favourite that benefit sell. But my 5 must have are:

The PORE fessional, I love this primer so much I have used up 2 miniatures, 2 samples and a full bottle. I also have 2 more miniatures so I won't run out.

Brows are a must have for anyone now, your makeup is never finished until your brows have been drawn, filled and Gimmie browed! Oh yes the Gimmie brow is my favourite brow product to date. It is great for people who don't have eyebrows or have very light hairs. As it has fibres in the gel.

Their stay don't stray eye shadow and concealer primer is great to bring out the colours in your eye shadows. It also really helps your concealer and eye shadow last longer.

Who doesn't love benefit Hoola bronzer!! It is amazing. You can use it as a bronzer and for contouring. It also comes with a brush like most of benefit products you get everything you need.

Lastly Lolli tint! Brilliant for lips and cheeks, so two products in one!! I love this tint to put under my Hervana blush. As the pinks complement each other. It also helps the blush last longer. When using on your lips you can use it as a base colour to help your lipgloss/lipstick last longer or you can wear it by itself just for a hint of colour.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?
& What are your favourite benefit products?

Much Love

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Jupiter Ascending!

Have you watched the movie 'Jupiter Ascending'?

I haven't either but I have seen the pictures from the movie and I love Mila Kunis. She is amazing and I wanted to create her makeup from the wedding scene as I loved it!! And this is how it turned out.

To create this look I used the Urban Decay's Vice 3 palette. I got this for Christmas and haven't really used it much so great time to have a play. For my eyes I used 'Alcemy' these eye shadows are so pigments and apply so well to your eye lids.

I also used MUA lipstick in 'Rebel with cause' from the vamp shade. Even thought these lipsticks are only a £1 from Superdrug, they are really pigmented and don't dry your lips out. & to finish off I used a Claire's accessories stick on gem! Such a cute idea, why haven't we done this before.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


It's Saturdays Top Tip!!! 

Always always use a primer!! Primers are so important as they build a base for your foundation. It makes your foundation look more flawless and makes it stay longer!

Every brand has their own range of primers from matt to eliminating. Depending on what look you are going for! 

My all time favourite is Benefits Pore fessional! I don't think i could actually live without it, definitely one of my holy grail's!! 

I have used a lot of others and I have to say I do regret buying mayberlline baby skin, i find it really greasy and it just does nothing for my foundation! 

I also love benefit's girl meets pearl & as you you can tell by the name it is a eliminating primer. It has a lovely shimmer and smells amazing!! 

What's your favourite primer? 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Beauty magazine - Issue 1

This is the first issue of my new beauty magazine. 

I've created this magazine because their isn't a magazine like this in the shops. It's not like Elle, glamour, look, Cosmo ... Etc. 

When I look for magazines I've always wanted to see makeup looks, nail art tutorials and high street makeup brands. But in most of the magazines all you see is Premium beauty brands like Chanel, Mac, Bobbie brown. Which we can't all afford! 

So I decided to create my own magazine for us makeup & nail loves that Initials all the things the big magazines don't! 

I hope you like it & any questions or suggestions just comment below :) 

Thank you <3