Friday, 31 October 2014

Benefit Cosmetics 'Cheeky sweet shop'

As some of you may know I am a bit of a Benefit Cosmetics freak! I love nearly all of their products and most of my makeup kit is Benefit. I think it's the cute packaging that attracted me to their counter first. One product and I was hooked. Their Christmas collection is just amazing from the mini stocking and miniature products to their gift sets. I chose this set because I absolutely love their blushes. I already had some that have come with their other kits and I have a full size Hoola, dandelion and Watt's up. I am always going on holidays and weekends away so thought this is perfect for travelling with. I can just take one box with all my blushes in. Which is perfect for going abroad as their isn't as much weight.

They look the same as the full size blushes except for Rockateur. In this kit it doesn't seem to have the same shimmer to it as the full size one. But I haven't used the full size to compare it to, I'm just going off what I can see.

Also in this kit you get your mini blush brush as in all your kits and products. I love this idea because if you are taking their products away and don't have much space most of their products have literally everything you need in them to do your makeup look. And you also get your tips and tricks booklet to give you some ideas of daytime and nightime makeup looks.

This kit is amazing value and gives you a chance to try out 7 of their blushes for only £29.50

Monday, 27 October 2014

Bare Minerals 'Get started kit'


So i've been looking changing my foundation and thought what a perfect time to look at changing from a liquid foundation to powder. I have always used liquid foundation and its all i've ever really known, but i really fancied a change. I decided to go to bare minerals as i have looked at their products before and a few friends have used their products and have said how good they are.

I decieded to get the 'get started kit', and as it says on the box everything is in this kit to get you started, even includes 3 brushes! You can get the kit in 4 colours. Light, Medium, Tan and Dark. Each kit come with 2 mini foudation pots. I bought the medium kit and it came with Medium and Medium Beige. Also in this kit you get warmth all over face colour and mineral veil finishing powder.


As well as these products you get your prime time foundation primer and your 3 brushes. This kit is amazing value for money at £49. You get your full flawless face brush, flawless applictation face brush and maximum coverage concealer brush. These brushes alone would cost £57. The brushes are so soft, and easy to use with the product. So all in all this kit is brilliant for a beginner like myself, to try the brand out and their main face products.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Girly/Designer Nails

I did my nails the other day ready for a night out which was the perfect time to do these as I have been wanting to do pink girly nails for a while now. I found a nail stamping plate on etsy from chocolate vanity last month with Barbie and designer images on. Perfect for what I wanted to do. The hardest part was deciding which images to use first. As my nails are short at the moment some of the images are too big for my nails.

My favourite image has to be 'Choose juicy,' I'm a Big Juicy Couture fan which is one of the reasons I bought this plate. As I couldn't use some of the images I decided to use some nail stickers I got from 'Nailtopia' and 'Charlie's nail art.' They are great value for money and good quality


Monday, 20 October 2014

Get Scary Nails For Halloween!

Halloween is just over a week away!!!

I am very excited, I love getting dress up and trying new things out that you can't normally get away with! I have done a few nail designs so far my favourite is my 'Nightmare before Christmas nails.' Using Nail harmony acrylic and Gelish polish. 
I used Gelish Black Shadow and Sheek white for the base colour and for the nail art. I think Gelish polish is very good to use to do nail art. To do the stripes and detail on his face I used different size dotting tools! I don't very often use a dotting tool to do dots.

I have also done Frankenstein inspired nails using Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish. I used Show me the money (green) as the base coat and then used black stretch limo for the detail. On the multi-coloured nail I used a white base coat (white hot) so when I put the colours on they show up more vibrant on the nail. The colours I used are show me the money (green), 9 inch heels (purple) and Tangerine on the rocks (orange.) I tried to make the colours blend together as best as I could using a nail art sponge or you could use a makeup sponge, just to help get rid of the ridged line between each of the colours. Then on top I put a glitter top coat, glitteratzzi. Just to give it a bit of sparkle! No ones nails are complete without a bit of glitter :)
What is your favourite Nail polish/Gel polish to do nail art with?

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Benefit Christmas Stocking Fillers

I have been Christmas shopping today with my mum in Chester and when I went into boots I found miniature benefit products perfect for Christmas stockings. I got so excited as I've never seen miniature benefit for sale like this!! The best part was they were on an offer if you buy 4 for £15 (Or £5 each) you get a FREE yes free benefit Christmas stocking!! Or you could buy a stocking for £1 which is a bargain!! I didn't think benefit could get any better but I was wrong! Not only was their a mini stocking but it was pink with a bow on it. My 3 favourite things!!

Their were quite a few miniature benefit products to choose from including the POREfessional, That gal, Triple preforming facial emulation, Its potent, Badgal lash, Badgal liner, Posie tint, Bene tint, Dandilion gloss, Coralista gloss, High beam and a Due of Boiing 02 & eye bright. It was very hard to choose which products to buy!
These are a brilliant Idea for benefit lovers that are not too expensive. You could buy them for yourself or for you friends who love Benefit, without spending a lot of money. These are also great if you have are going on holiday and can't take full size with you.
Defiantly a must have on your wish list this Christmas!
These are a few of the products I purchased today :)


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Benefit Cosmetics: Majorette

  Absolutely love benefit cosmetics new cream to powder blush! & it comes in the cutest packaging (as always!) 

The packaging is lovely except it is a bit bulky so not very good for on the go. But it does come with a mirror as most of benefits blushes do. So it's time to get your big winter bags out :]
This blush applies very easily! It's very smooth and creamy. Plus it doesn't absorb into your skin when applying with your figures. It also has a very refreshing smell, which you can smell as you open it up!

I would defiantly recommend this product and would give it - 8 out of 10!