Thursday, 12 March 2015

Jupiter Ascending!

Have you watched the movie 'Jupiter Ascending'?

I haven't either but I have seen the pictures from the movie and I love Mila Kunis. She is amazing and I wanted to create her makeup from the wedding scene as I loved it!! And this is how it turned out.

To create this look I used the Urban Decay's Vice 3 palette. I got this for Christmas and haven't really used it much so great time to have a play. For my eyes I used 'Alcemy' these eye shadows are so pigments and apply so well to your eye lids.

I also used MUA lipstick in 'Rebel with cause' from the vamp shade. Even thought these lipsticks are only a £1 from Superdrug, they are really pigmented and don't dry your lips out. & to finish off I used a Claire's accessories stick on gem! Such a cute idea, why haven't we done this before.

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