Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Beauty magazine - Issue 1

This is the first issue of my new beauty magazine. 

I've created this magazine because their isn't a magazine like this in the shops. It's not like Elle, glamour, look, Cosmo ... Etc. 

When I look for magazines I've always wanted to see makeup looks, nail art tutorials and high street makeup brands. But in most of the magazines all you see is Premium beauty brands like Chanel, Mac, Bobbie brown. Which we can't all afford! 

So I decided to create my own magazine for us makeup & nail loves that Initials all the things the big magazines don't! 

I hope you like it & any questions or suggestions just comment below :) 

Thank you <3 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Primark haul!!

I wanted to do something different today so I though I would do you a primark haul! Their are 2 things I love to do when I go shopping that is buy makeup and go to primark! I love it!!! I know some people don't like it as they think it's cheap and things don't last, but personally I think it's cheap and I like to buy new clothes all the time so I'm always clearing out old stuff to buy new :) & primark makes that possible.

First of all I found these Bambi shorts! Now how many places sell disney clothes? Not many places! I got these shorts ready for my holiday in May. They will look totally amazing by the pool :) & they were only £4!! What a bargain 

I then went over to the T-shirts I liked so many of them but they only had them in a size 8 :( which I'm unfortunately no where near! But I did find a disney princess long sleve top, which you don't see very often and they had my size! I love disney and the princess are my favourite :) I just love them <3 my favourite is Tiana but you can never seem to get anything for her. This top was £6 & I can't wait to wear I!! 
 They really do rule the world!

Staying on the disney theme I found these flip flops & I couldn't resist them!! I though they were gonna be about £6/£8 but no I was pleasently surprised when I found out they were only £2!!! Yes I couldn't believe it either! They had to go in the basket at that price! 

Moving on to Pj's i always have to buy a new set of pyjamas or new bottoms or something for bed. (Yes I have lots of pjs, and nightwear) I just find them so comfy! Plus I'm obsessed with minions! Anything with a minion on I like! Haha so when I saw these with the 'Fluffy unicorn' on I got so excited I had to have them! These were £7. I think the most expensive item I bought. 

I then went to the shoes as I don't really have many flat shoes ready for the summer, I'm living in my boots now which are soon gonna be too warm for my feet so I got these cute little flats, in black and lilac for £4 each. 
I then saw the socks with little ruffles/lace & they reminded me of when I was at school & how cute they were so I just had to get some to go with my flats :) They were £1.50 a pair.

I just can't wait till summer now!! Just want to get my pretty sandles out and skirts!

What are you looking forward to summer for?

Much love 
Jodie's nails and beauty

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day!! Makeup Ideas

I know I'm a bit late as Valentines was yesterday but I wanted to share with you my Daytime & Nighttime Valentines makeup ideas. 

My day time makeup I decided to go for a very simple look, using not very many products just to show you can still look beautiful without using 20 different makeup products. This is great is you've going out for coffee, spot of shopping or if you were one of the many people going the the cinema to watch fifty shades of grey. (As that was all that was on at Crewe cinema yesterday night.)

I'll start off with day time! All I have used for this look is primer, foundation, concealer, mascara, brows (Can't forget your brows), blusher and lipstick! Very simple and very quick!! 

For my nighttime look I wanted to go a bit more out their. Mainly with my eyes! I wanted a bit of colour, so I decided on neutral browns haha. Can never go wrong with browns & neutrals. My eyeliner isn't the best I'm still learning with eyeliner, as I'm pretty scared of it! But I think it turned out quiet well. On my lashes I used benefit's new rollerlash mascara! Which I absolutely love!!!!! It just makes your lashes look longer and help them curl! Brilliant. A must have for your makeup bags! 

What did you get up to for valentines day? 

Much love 

Jodie's nails & Beauty


Monday, 9 February 2015

Getting Ready For Valentines Day - Pamper!

Well it's that week again! I know a lot of people don't celebrate it, personally I'm not celebrating it this year! I'm going to go with all the singletons to see fifty shades of grey! Haha. But I still want to have valentines 'Get ready week' :)

So to start off with I've never been to lush until a couple of weeks ago so I decided to use my unicorn bath bomb the other night & it was so nice!!! I don't know what it's taken me so long to go their! Very muchooking forward to my next shop already got a list of what I want!
I chose the unicorn bath bomb because it was all my favourite colours in a bath bomb! Including glitter & stars. Just the cutest :) And well the obvious it's at magic unicorn horn!! It also smells really good! So perfect!

Everyone wants perfectly smooth skin and I've tried quiet a few body scrubs and none of them have really done anything for me. I saw the soap & glory flake away and thought well I may as well try it. I am so glad I did. It applies really well to dry skin, and feels so good when your rubbing it into your skin. It also comes off really easily when washing off, none of it sticks to you and leave you all gritty. Which is great cause your perfectly smooth as soon as you get out of the bath/shower.

Another thing I love from soap & glory (yes I do love their products) is their sugar crush body wash. When I first smelt this I fell completely in love!! It smells like a breath of fresh air. Just AMAZING!! I can't imagine bath times without it now. You don't need much cause it foams up really well to cover most of your body. 

To finish off I've been using soap & glory smoothie (deep moisturising body milk.) I love the smell, you can really smell the oats, almond and honey. Just such a lovely sleet smell & just makes you skin feel even softer. 

What's your favourite bath routine & do you use any of these products?

Much love
Jodie's nails & beauty

Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to winterize your nails!

I love my nails & I'm all about looking after them. Especially through the winter months. As are nails and hands can become dry and dehydrated. 

I love having a manicure every 2-3 weeks. This just helps your nails as you can tidy up your cuticles and to shorten and tidy up your nails. You can have a manicure with either normal polish, gel polish or nail extensions. As you get a mini manicure before they put your extensions or gel on to help them last longer. 

Cuticle oil is one of the most important things you need to remember when it comes to keeping your nails looking healthy and being healthy on the inside. It doesn't just help the nail and skin that you can see but it helps the new nail that's growning. 
Apply cuticle oil at least twice a day, to keep them nourised and hydrated. 

Another must have is hand and nail cream! Their are so many out their but I use this one from tesco. It's just got the cutest packaging and we always fall for cute & pretty packaging. It fits in my handbag perfectly. Apply this at least twice a day as well to keep your hand hydrated and silky smooth. I love the saying in this bottle 'Cuticles get even cuter' totally in love with it!

Now for the best bit my favourite nail polishs for winter! Everyone had to have a red nail polish not only for winter but all year round so their is no surprise her! & also a glitter. I choose silver as all my jewellery is silver so it just all matches. I've also got a thing for nudes at the moment. I just love a good nuteral colour that will go with everything. Not got to worry about colours clashing!

I've used top nail polish brands and the cheapest ones as well. I have to say you can tell the difference but the £1 nail polishes are great. They just chip a bit easier. Which what do you expect! 

How do you winterize your nails? 

Much love
Jodie's nails & beauty