Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day!! Makeup Ideas

I know I'm a bit late as Valentines was yesterday but I wanted to share with you my Daytime & Nighttime Valentines makeup ideas. 

My day time makeup I decided to go for a very simple look, using not very many products just to show you can still look beautiful without using 20 different makeup products. This is great is you've going out for coffee, spot of shopping or if you were one of the many people going the the cinema to watch fifty shades of grey. (As that was all that was on at Crewe cinema yesterday night.)

I'll start off with day time! All I have used for this look is primer, foundation, concealer, mascara, brows (Can't forget your brows), blusher and lipstick! Very simple and very quick!! 

For my nighttime look I wanted to go a bit more out their. Mainly with my eyes! I wanted a bit of colour, so I decided on neutral browns haha. Can never go wrong with browns & neutrals. My eyeliner isn't the best I'm still learning with eyeliner, as I'm pretty scared of it! But I think it turned out quiet well. On my lashes I used benefit's new rollerlash mascara! Which I absolutely love!!!!! It just makes your lashes look longer and help them curl! Brilliant. A must have for your makeup bags! 

What did you get up to for valentines day? 

Much love 

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