Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to winterize your nails!

I love my nails & I'm all about looking after them. Especially through the winter months. As are nails and hands can become dry and dehydrated. 

I love having a manicure every 2-3 weeks. This just helps your nails as you can tidy up your cuticles and to shorten and tidy up your nails. You can have a manicure with either normal polish, gel polish or nail extensions. As you get a mini manicure before they put your extensions or gel on to help them last longer. 

Cuticle oil is one of the most important things you need to remember when it comes to keeping your nails looking healthy and being healthy on the inside. It doesn't just help the nail and skin that you can see but it helps the new nail that's growning. 
Apply cuticle oil at least twice a day, to keep them nourised and hydrated. 

Another must have is hand and nail cream! Their are so many out their but I use this one from tesco. It's just got the cutest packaging and we always fall for cute & pretty packaging. It fits in my handbag perfectly. Apply this at least twice a day as well to keep your hand hydrated and silky smooth. I love the saying in this bottle 'Cuticles get even cuter' totally in love with it!

Now for the best bit my favourite nail polishs for winter! Everyone had to have a red nail polish not only for winter but all year round so their is no surprise her! & also a glitter. I choose silver as all my jewellery is silver so it just all matches. I've also got a thing for nudes at the moment. I just love a good nuteral colour that will go with everything. Not got to worry about colours clashing!

I've used top nail polish brands and the cheapest ones as well. I have to say you can tell the difference but the £1 nail polishes are great. They just chip a bit easier. Which what do you expect! 

How do you winterize your nails? 

Much love
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