Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Primark haul!!

I wanted to do something different today so I though I would do you a primark haul! Their are 2 things I love to do when I go shopping that is buy makeup and go to primark! I love it!!! I know some people don't like it as they think it's cheap and things don't last, but personally I think it's cheap and I like to buy new clothes all the time so I'm always clearing out old stuff to buy new :) & primark makes that possible.

First of all I found these Bambi shorts! Now how many places sell disney clothes? Not many places! I got these shorts ready for my holiday in May. They will look totally amazing by the pool :) & they were only £4!! What a bargain 

I then went over to the T-shirts I liked so many of them but they only had them in a size 8 :( which I'm unfortunately no where near! But I did find a disney princess long sleve top, which you don't see very often and they had my size! I love disney and the princess are my favourite :) I just love them <3 my favourite is Tiana but you can never seem to get anything for her. This top was £6 & I can't wait to wear I!! 
 They really do rule the world!

Staying on the disney theme I found these flip flops & I couldn't resist them!! I though they were gonna be about £6/£8 but no I was pleasently surprised when I found out they were only £2!!! Yes I couldn't believe it either! They had to go in the basket at that price! 

Moving on to Pj's i always have to buy a new set of pyjamas or new bottoms or something for bed. (Yes I have lots of pjs, and nightwear) I just find them so comfy! Plus I'm obsessed with minions! Anything with a minion on I like! Haha so when I saw these with the 'Fluffy unicorn' on I got so excited I had to have them! These were £7. I think the most expensive item I bought. 

I then went to the shoes as I don't really have many flat shoes ready for the summer, I'm living in my boots now which are soon gonna be too warm for my feet so I got these cute little flats, in black and lilac for £4 each. 
I then saw the socks with little ruffles/lace & they reminded me of when I was at school & how cute they were so I just had to get some to go with my flats :) They were £1.50 a pair.

I just can't wait till summer now!! Just want to get my pretty sandles out and skirts!

What are you looking forward to summer for?

Much love 
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