Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween Makeup


Well after months of planning Halloween is now over. But I have to say it's the best Halloween yet :)

I had so much fun sorting out my hair, make up and outfit, I actually changed 3 times before I was happy! I know!! In the end I was pretty happy with my decision. My first idea was a spider, but when the costume came I really didn't like it. It was made of a horrible material and just looked tacky (to put it nicely.)

I then went and bought a zombie nurse outfit from B&M. It was really good value for money at £9.99. I also went and bought a stethoscope from my auntie's fancy dress shop. I came up with 2 make up ideas. The first one was really out their and maybe a little bit too much (Especially the blood on the chin.) However I did really like the blue/green and black eyes. But I thought it might be a little bit too much so I then decided to tone it down a bit. Which I did like much better and not as much blood.

(Please Excuse my hair!)

I still wasn't happy and I have always wanted to go as a Barbie doll (Don't really know why) , so I thought why not have a try at being a living doll. I believe Halloween is for scary and not for pretty but I wanted to bring a little element of pretty to it. So why not with a living doll! I've never done makeup like this before but I really enjoyed doing it! My favourite is my lips. I love this look (think I might have to do it more often haha!) & to add a little bit of pretty and cute to the doll I had to have pink and black bows in my bunches :)

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