Friday, 31 October 2014

Benefit Cosmetics 'Cheeky sweet shop'

As some of you may know I am a bit of a Benefit Cosmetics freak! I love nearly all of their products and most of my makeup kit is Benefit. I think it's the cute packaging that attracted me to their counter first. One product and I was hooked. Their Christmas collection is just amazing from the mini stocking and miniature products to their gift sets. I chose this set because I absolutely love their blushes. I already had some that have come with their other kits and I have a full size Hoola, dandelion and Watt's up. I am always going on holidays and weekends away so thought this is perfect for travelling with. I can just take one box with all my blushes in. Which is perfect for going abroad as their isn't as much weight.

They look the same as the full size blushes except for Rockateur. In this kit it doesn't seem to have the same shimmer to it as the full size one. But I haven't used the full size to compare it to, I'm just going off what I can see.

Also in this kit you get your mini blush brush as in all your kits and products. I love this idea because if you are taking their products away and don't have much space most of their products have literally everything you need in them to do your makeup look. And you also get your tips and tricks booklet to give you some ideas of daytime and nightime makeup looks.

This kit is amazing value and gives you a chance to try out 7 of their blushes for only £29.50

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