Thursday, 23 October 2014

Girly/Designer Nails

I did my nails the other day ready for a night out which was the perfect time to do these as I have been wanting to do pink girly nails for a while now. I found a nail stamping plate on etsy from chocolate vanity last month with Barbie and designer images on. Perfect for what I wanted to do. The hardest part was deciding which images to use first. As my nails are short at the moment some of the images are too big for my nails.

My favourite image has to be 'Choose juicy,' I'm a Big Juicy Couture fan which is one of the reasons I bought this plate. As I couldn't use some of the images I decided to use some nail stickers I got from 'Nailtopia' and 'Charlie's nail art.' They are great value for money and good quality


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