Monday, 22 December 2014

Superdrug & Boots Haul!

I got given some gift vouchers in my Christmas card off my auntie & uncle! So I just had to go on a bit of a shopping trip (any excuse) 

Firstly I went into Superdrug. I love their MUA makeup! It's a bargain at £1 a lipstick and it's really good quality. I picked up 2 new lipsticks in shade 9 & flamingo. These are brilliant because you also get a little lipgloss in the bottom of the lipstick. Two for the price of one! 
I also for a new eye shadow palette from the lux range. It has 3 colour eye shadows and a eye shadow primer for £4. Lastly I got a mosaic blusher in browns and bronzes for £2.50.  

I then decided to go into wilkinson's as they have started doing essence makeup! So I thought I'd buy a few more bits. I got all about nude eyeshadow. I love these colours and the way they apply and only £3.50. I also picked up one of their 3D eyeshadows. They are very shimmery and look really good for highlighting, which was £2.80. As some of you know I love doing my nails, and doing French nails can be a real challenge sometimes especially on your own nails so been I saw their French manicure brush I had to buy it and try it. And for only £1.60 how could I say no!

Finally I went into boots! I went in the other week and saw that Boujois were doing a deal if you spent £15 you got a free gift! So when I got my voucher it was a must!! I wanted to buy a foundation to wear everyday and then use my benefit foundation for nights out and special occasions. I got their healthy mix foundation in shade 53 light beige £9.99. Then I have been looking at their bronzers that look chocolate pieces! And I decided to get the bronzing powder and highlighter one! It comes in a cute little box that opens like a book! So cute at £7.99. I also picked up one of their eyeshadows in the shade extrait de fard. Which a lilac sparkly glitter. I used my boots points on this which was £6.99.

Then I went to the seventeen makeup where if you bought 2 products you got a free jewelled eye shadow palette. Which had 4 eyeshadows in it and a mirror! Their is an electric blue, brown, black and a gold eyeshadow. Lovely for the party season. So I got a new concealer which was the new phwoarr paint in medium. It looks like Benefits bo-ing so thought I would try it for £5.49. Then I got their new wow! Tan liquid glow. I love bronzer but sometimes I like a bit of shimmer, so though this would be an idea to try out. This was £5.99. 

That's everything I got on my shopping trip the other day! If you have any of these products please let me know what you think of them :) 


  1. Your hauls always make me want to go shopping, I think I need to spend more than £15 at a Bourjois counter now!
    Jodie // La Lune Song

    1. I'm sorry! Haha. I could have bought more but I managed to contain myself for once! I won't be next time!!