Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Rave Inspired Makeup!

A few of my friends were going to 'Core blimey' the other weekend, so I thought I'd do makeup and nails rave style!! I did this whole look using non premium beauty brands as I wanted to also do an affordable look for everyone! 

I used benefit eye primer as I do not yet have another one to use. This is the only premium Beaty brand product I have used! Also this is the first time I have EVER put eyeliner on myself! So I know it's not perfect and needs perfecting so please don't be too hard on me :D 

These are the products I used: 

• Primer - Maybelline baby skin
• Foundation - Bourjois healthy mix (shade 53) 
• Concealer - Seventeen Phwoarr paint
• Eye primer - Benefit stay don't stray
• Highlighter - MUA champagne eyeshadow
• Eyeshadow - MUA Poptastic palette 
(Cool cyan, lime sizzle, pizzaz purple, cherry sour & jade jazz) 
• Eyeliner - Maybelline eye studio lasting dram gel liner
• Mascara - Rimmel extreme black volume mascara flash x10
• Brows - Barry M brow kit
• Cheeks - MUA mosaic blush (English rose) 
• Bronzer - Bourjois bronzing powder
• Lip liner - Avon glimmer stick (pink cashmere)
• Lipstick - Sleek lipstick palette (Jewel)

If I did this look again I would add silver gems to eyes to give it some sparkle :) If you would like to see any other makeup inspired posts comment below :D 

For my nails I wanted bright nails that would stand out so I found a glow in the dark top coat! & it did actually work!!! The only problem is I couldn't get a good picture of them :( To get the dots I used a dotting tool from Avon. Comes with dotting tool one end and brush the other end! 

Nail polish I used:
• Yellow - OPI : I just can't cope-acabana 
• Orange - OPI : Where did suzi's man-go? 
• Green - Barry M Jelly High Shine : Greenberry
• Blue - Barry M : Blueberry
• Pink - OPI : Kiss me I'm Brazilian 
• Purple - OPI : A grape fit
• Top coat - Essence : Glow In the dark


  1. I love your nails! Very bright and funky. Hope you had a great time.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you :) Just a shame I couldn't capture the glow in the dark! Xx