Friday, 2 January 2015

Seventeen vs Benefit - Concealer!

I have been using Benefits Bo-ing concealer for the last 6 months and I love it. But it's a little bit pricey at £17.50. So I decided to try and find a dupe. I was really excited when I saw Seventeen had brought out new products and one being their new 'Phwoarr paint heaven duty under eye concealer' It comes in two Shades, light & medium. Plus it was only £5.49 so I had to try it.

Benefits Bo-ing comes in 5 shades which would basically cover most peoples skin. But seventeen only having 2 shades isn't very good for people who have tanned or dark skin. Which is a shame :( Luckily I'm medium so it fits my skin perfectly.

Seventeens concealer is creamy but can dry and flake a little bit. Where as benefits is really creamy and doesn't flake when drys. I don't know if seventeen is flaking because I'm not warming the product up enough. 

Other than that I really like seventeens new concealer & I will be re purchasing!

Have you tried either of these & what do you think? :] 


  1. Love this! i couldn't make my mind up with Erase Paste and Bo-ing but i think ill try the Seventeen on first see how i get on. Great post.. i followed you xx


  2. Thank you! & It's definitely worth a try! Xx

  3. Thank u I might try the seventeen concealer! Xx