Monday, 19 January 2015

Get rid of dark circles under your eyes!

I have real trouble sleeping, I don't normally have more than 6hours sleep a night. So as you can imagine I have dark circles under my eyes all the time. Concealer covers them to an extent but not enough. 

I was shopping in home & bargain the other week and saw this 'Eye roll-on.' It says it had cucumber extract and caffeine in to help smooth and stimulate tried skin under the eyes and reduce the appearance of under eye bags. 

We all know that cucumber is a theory everyone uses so I though id give it a go. I didn't expect it to work as it was only 99p. But my black bags under my eyes have reduced significantly! When I have my foundation on you wouldn't know they even existed. So glad I bought this to try and I will definitely continue to use this! 

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